This is a non-exhaustive list of features which are planned for the future, in no particular order:

  • Service plugins for lots more popular databases, web frameworks, task queues and more - even in PHP, Java, Ruby, etc. and tutorials to use them.
  • Use of py.test’s assert statement.
  • Tests that repeat themselves with % pass/failure and a threshold for passing (default 100%), for those annoying integration tests that only fail sometimes due to race conditions.
  • Configurable mid-steps - running an engine method between each test step - e.g. to pause mid-step when using tests for demonstrations or take screenshots.
  • Tools to let you stop and start services mid-test, e.g. to test how they behave when receiving different UNIX signals, or to mock scenarios where services are restarted.
  • Step skipping
  • Bisect - tools to be able to figure out which commit caused a test failure during long test runs.
  • Mock REST server
  • CPU/Memory/I/O tracking for services.
  • Artefact generation - a seamless way of creating artefacts from tests such as screenshots, CPU/Memory/I/O usage reports, code coverage reports, etc.