This documentation applies to the latest version of hitchredis.

HitchRedis is a Hitch Plugin specifically to make testing applications that use Redis easier.

It contains:


If it is not already installed, install the hitchredis package:

$ hitch install hitchredis

Set up Redis

In your test, define the redis package you will use:

import hitchredis

redis_package = hitchredis.RedisPackage(
    version="2.8.4"                         # Optional (default is the latest version of redis)

# Downloads & installs redis to ~/.hitchpkg if not already installed

To use, define the service after initializing the Service Bundle:


See also: Generic Service API

self.services['Redis'] = hitchredis.RedisService(
    redis_package=redis_package                         # Mandatory
    port=16379,                                         # Optional (default: 16379)

Interacting with Redis

Once it is running, you can interact with the service:

In [1]: self.services['Redis'].cli("-n", "1", "get", "mypasswd").run()
[ prints contents of mypasswd variable ]