This documentation applies to the latest version of hitchsmtp.

HitchSMTP is a Hitch Plugin created to make testing applications that send emails easier.

It contains:

  • A Service to run a mock SMTP server that your application can be configured to send emails to.


To install:

$ hitch install hitchsmtp

Set up HitchSMTP


See also: Generic Service API

To use, define the service after initializing the Service Bundle:

import hitchsmtp

self.services['HitchSMTP'] = hitchsmtp.HitchSMTPService(
    port=10025                                                 # Optional (default: 10025)

Once it is running, you can access the emails which arrived via the logs:

In [1]: self.services['HitchSMTP'].logs.json()
[ list of dicts of email contents and properties ]

You can also wait for emails to arrive by waiting for the logs:

In [2]: email = self.services['HitchSMTP'].logs.out.tail.until_json(
    lambda email: "register: in email['payload'] or "register" in email['Subject'],

In [3]: email
[ dict of email contents and properties ]