Why is my test downloading and compiling software?ΒΆ

Hitch usually downloads and compiles the software (e.g. python/postgres) it uses to run your test with on the first test run.

Often this is software you may already have installed on your machine.

This is done to:

Examples of where this helps (with python):

  • Upgrading your system will not cause behavior changes in your tests because the version of python has changed.
  • You can develop and test against the exact same version of python that you use on production.
  • You can tweak the version in your tests before running a full test run to give confidence that upgrading your version of python in production will not cause bugs.
  • You can trivially test your code against multiple versions of python on the same test run (see How to Parameterize your Test Cases with Hitch.).

While it is inconvenient to download and compile software on the first test run, there is a substantial benefit to taking this appraoch.

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