Contributing to Hitch

Hi and welcome! Thanks for your interest in contributing to Hitch!

There’s a number of things you can do to help its progress:

#1 Fill out my survey

Who are you? What do you want? What do you need help with? I’d like to know!

Your input can help greatly in guiding the future development of Hitch.

[ survey not yet ready. check back soon. ]

#2 Run the example project on a currently untested environment

See /tested_on for details.

Just follow the 3 step directions on to run the test on your environment.

If it works, please consider editing and adding it to or raising an issue with the details.

If it doesn’t work, please raise an issue and copying and paste the output you saw.

#3 Report any issues you see at any time

If you’re not sure if what you saw really was a bug, raise an issue anyway. Copy and paste the output.

If you’re not sure if it was your fault or not, please still raise an issue. Copy and paste the output.

If it’s not clear and simple and easy to understand what happened, it’s probably a bug.

#4 Raise an issue for anything that confused you in the documentation or you thought was missing

Writing documentation is hard. What is obvious to the documentor won’t necessarily seem obvious to the user. I’d really like to see more of these.

#5 Help out with the unixpackage project

Hitch is substantially reliant upon this project, but it still needs a lot of (mostly sysadmin-y non-programming) work.

See for details.

Contributing code

Pull requests are welcome too, of course. If you submit a PR to any hitch project, please remember to sign the CLA:

There’s no cloud continuous integration but all code is thoroughly tested before being deployed to pypi.

My ideal pull request would be:

  • Small and self contained (ideally just a few lines)
  • Pythonic and elegant (see Raymond Hettinger’s talks for an idea of what that means)
  • You’ve run that code at least once
  • You’ll amend it based upon any comments I might have

100% bug-free isn’t a requirement. If I discover a problem during regression tests and the code breaks under certain less than obvious conditions, that’s my problem. If it breaks some other part of the system that’s my problem too.

If you want to get started fixing or implementing something, but you’re not sure how, raise an issue.